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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

David & Kylie: Brother/Sister Love

Yay tomorrow is Thursday and the weekend is fast approaching! :) Fourth of July! yay! I finally got to work on David & Kylie's pictures after a crazy beginning of the week! Im suprised I have any energy left after watching my niece last night and getting hardly any sleep and waking up too darn early..oh but how i love that lil rascal! :)
These were taken over the weekend and ohh boy..you all know how hot it was over the weekend! SUPER HOT! So I am so happy we got some great shots! They did so well especially with it being super hot and for them to sit around and wait for me to take a ton of pictures..I am so proud of them! :) It was definitley short and sweet..both of them including their Mom, Mayra and their aunt Yvette, were all in a hurry to get out of the heat and head to Oasis..mmm..how I wish I would have tagged along..lol...We got it taken care of and we survived the triple digit temperature! Success! :) Thanks again Mayra..:) It was really nice to see you again! :)

aww arent they cute!?

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  1. Love my niese n nephew!! <3
    love your work (;