Welcome to My New Blog! I finally decided it was time to create one since I was doing all my publishing off Facebook and not everyone has one so this just made more sense:) After many requests here it is!:) I hope you all visit me often as I will be keeping you updated on all my upcoming shoots from here on out! :) Thanks for visiting!

♥ Reyna

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


My weekend was a ton of fun! I got to go visit My Dear Grandpa in Lompoc..then made my way to Solvang to just enjoy my weekend..I was able to just leave good ol' Porterville and just relax. I got the pleasure to do a few shoots while I was out there and it just made my weekend that much better..Mini vacation and being able to do what i love at the same time..couldn't of been better! :) Im so glad that those who took advantage of me being out there..did..Im so happy with how well the shoots went..Solvang was beautiful and I had a blast..
Meet Alec..he's my friend Teena's lil "Monster"..he is such a lil cutie! He will be one soon!!:) He was sleeping when they got there and Teena just woke him up from his lil nap and sat him down to shoot so he wasn't the happiest of all babies but that never breaks me! lol I still got some awesome shots..Thanks to Mommy & Daddy working their butts off to make him laugh/smile! It was so nice to see Teena & Leo:) and Lil Alec! Thanks Teena! Enjoy your Sneak Peek! I am SOO glad I was able to make it out there to take Alec's first birthday pictures!!:) I ♥ Them! :) He is just so darn cute!

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