Welcome to My New Blog! I finally decided it was time to create one since I was doing all my publishing off Facebook and not everyone has one so this just made more sense:) After many requests here it is!:) I hope you all visit me often as I will be keeping you updated on all my upcoming shoots from here on out! :) Thanks for visiting!

♥ Reyna

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

David & Kylie: Brother/Sister Love

Yay tomorrow is Thursday and the weekend is fast approaching! :) Fourth of July! yay! I finally got to work on David & Kylie's pictures after a crazy beginning of the week! Im suprised I have any energy left after watching my niece last night and getting hardly any sleep and waking up too darn early..oh but how i love that lil rascal! :)
These were taken over the weekend and ohh boy..you all know how hot it was over the weekend! SUPER HOT! So I am so happy we got some great shots! They did so well especially with it being super hot and for them to sit around and wait for me to take a ton of pictures..I am so proud of them! :) It was definitley short and sweet..both of them including their Mom, Mayra and their aunt Yvette, were all in a hurry to get out of the heat and head to Oasis..mmm..how I wish I would have tagged along..lol...We got it taken care of and we survived the triple digit temperature! Success! :) Thanks again Mayra..:) It was really nice to see you again! :)

aww arent they cute!?

Monday, June 28, 2010

BOW-dacious (bows by Gabby)

Ok so I'm always looking out for my clients..so this ones for you :)
My cousin-in-law Gabby makes such AWESOME bows..and I believe every one of my past shoots the lil girls have worn such cute bows! So if you are ever on the hunt for the perfect bow I suggest you get ahold of Gabby..these are just a few example of what she has! Just so you can see what she's capable of and then some! You can completely customize your bows to your liking..size, bow material, headband/clippy, button, etc. You name it! If your ever out and see the perfect bow material..buy it! and bring it to Gabby and she'll make you the perfect bow for less! :) Her prices are UNBEATABLE..I Promise...especially for the quality of her work! You will love them! :) Perfect for your next shoot! :)

You can even get your customized bow holder! :)
Contact Gabby on her personal FB:
Joser-Gabby Maduena
or give her a call/text:

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Natalie's Beautiful Lil Family

Yesterday I shot my good friend Natalie and her lil stinkers! It was sooo nice to see Natalie again..it had been years..Last time I saw her was when her lil girl was a baby! It was great to see how well her and her family were doing:) She looks amazing and her kids are so adorable!! Lil Jazzy was super shy at first but it didn't take much to make her break out of her shell! All I had to do was go on and on about what a good model she was and show her how good she looks and next thing you know she's coming up with her own lil poses! Lil Julian wasn't as excited to take pictures but he seemed to really like it when I would sing and start smiling like crazy! Maybe I'm in the wrong business? ;) haha It was so nice to catch up with Natalie a bit and meet lil Julian for the first time and see how much Jazzy has grown up! I love that this hobby of mine has given me the opportunity to meet a ton of awesome people and be able to reunite with those great people I already knew! I'm so glad I was able to do this for you Natalie..you are amazingly beautiful and a great mom!..Im happy you are doing so well! :) This better not be the last time I see you in years again! Lunch soon? haha Here's your sneak peek! :)

Friday, June 25, 2010


Meet Nadiya..(Nod-ya) its a silent "i"...(NOT Na-dee-ya)! lol yeah I kept mispronouncing her name through out the shoot until ummm maybe the very last 30 mins haha..mind you that this shoot was 3 hours:) She was so itty bitty and so darn cute! Major baby fever! (sike;]) Her daddy Javier and I have known eachother for years..he is one of the sweetest guys ever and I am so happy he found someone like Adreanna to complete him..she is also super sweet..perfect for eachother and now with this precious gift..they are set! :) Javier contacted me weeks before Nadiya was born giving me the heads up that they wanted me to take her newborn pics so I knew if it meant completely throwing off my schedule to get her pictures done as soon as possible then thats what it was gonna be! :)

Ok so let me begin by saying that I was amazed by how alert/awake she was! So with one week old babies your LUCKY if you get an open eye shot..let alone..eye contact! But lil Nadiya wanted to prove that wrong I suppose! She did not want to sleep! Shoot would have been a lot faster if she wasn't fighting her sleep so much lol..she was quite the lil fighter..but thank goodness her Daddy was there to put her to sleep:) Took a lil while but she did fall asleep so SUCCESS! I mean with newborns you just gotta have those sleeping baby shots! Everything went really well! While Nadiya was being put to sleep we relaxed and caught up..it was really nice..I didnt want them to feel rushed or nervous because baby would sense that and definitely would have never slept! Worked out perfect..she fell sound asleep and we got some great shots! Thanks Javier & Adreanna..you guys are the sweetest people on earth and you were blessed with the sweetest lil angel..Congratulations again and Cant wait until she's big enough to get those family pictures we were talking about done! :) Enjoy your Sneak Peek! ♥

I mean really..shes a week old! How is this possible? She's so ALERT! :)

                           She knows how to work the camera..look at her smirks! LOOOVE!


Monday, June 21, 2010

Sister Love♥

Oh Monday..how I hate thee..but Today..not so much;)! haha Thanks to getting to shoot these sweet lil girls after work! I was able to look forward to it all day! :) I was anxious because their Mom, May, has had their outfits ready for a while now and so I knew they were going to be super cute! and I was right!

Meet Aliyza (4) and Elexa (3 next month)...It was so cute because I asked Elexa what her name was and she says "Binks" haha thats her nickname! lol cute right! and so I listened to her call her sister and she calls Aliyza "Ya-Ya"..so next thing I knew is I was calling them by their nicknames the entire shoot! :) They both did so well..Elexa got over it after a few shots but thanks to Auntie Lizz who was superwoman today for bringing all the treats to keep them going..Aliyza did really good..she was really enjoying the modeling thing!  They were both so darn cute! I got some really cute sister moments and this is the stuff that is going to matter most when they grow up and are able to look back at how much they really loved eachother;) later when they are fighting over petty stuff as teenagers..because it is BOUND to happen with two girls so close in age..Sorry May! lol Overall good day..and shoot was short and sweet! :) Thanks May for being such a sweetheart throughout all of this time..pre-shoot and shoot as well! Your awesome and so are your girls! <3 Enjoyyyy..

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lil Ms. DaShay♥

FINALLY! Meet DaShay..she is so stinkin CUTE! After keeping in touch with her mom for over a month we got her 10 month pictures done! :) So her Mom, Valerie, who is super SWEET:) says her husband tells her she has a problem! Apparently she's "obsessed" with taking pictures of her kids! haha so then I realize she takes pictures of them every 3 months! lol Ok maybe I can admit that theres a lil obsession there but if she has a problem then I need to be treated ASAP! haha the luxury of owning equipment like mine is I get to shoot..umm..whenever! So I really honestly feel sorry for my niece & nephew because I am constantly after them with my camera! Worst Auntie-Razzi EVER! haha..ok off track!..So yesterday 06/18/10 we shot DaShay's pictures..poor baby was sick with a cough and a runny nose=[ (hope she feels better!) and was quickly outta the mood to take pictures! Thanks to Mom and again my good moves and voice and cant forget the LifeSaver gummies I brought..(just in case! haha they dont call them that for nothing!) we got lil DaShay going enough to get some shots! yay! :) Her mom didn't have to drive all that way to get to me for nothing! :) We were literally on "DaShay Time"...we would wait around and let her have a break while her mom and I chit-chat..it was such a nice day in Visalia..I really enjoyed myself! This is why I love this hobby of mine so much! :) Val, your awesome! it was nice to get to know you and be able to capture these moments for you:) Thanks a ton! See you and the rest of the bunch soon! :) Hope you enjoy your Sneak Peak..