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♥ Reyna

Monday, June 14, 2010


Meet Aryanna and her brothers Gavin & Ethan...Their mom Sommar..got a hold of me and wanted to take Aryanna's first year photos and I was super excited because I LOVE shooting babies! As much patience as it takes to do it and as difficult as it can be at times..i love taking on that challenge:) So Im talking to her and asking her questions and I find out Aryanna has two older brothers and I ask her if she's bringing them along to take pictures with their lil sister and she mentions she hadn't even thought about that..but it was a good idea..so we did just that! :) Aryanna like all babies was happy the first few shots but in an instant everything else was soo much more interesting than looking and smiling at me! haha the grass..the sticks..the tree..oh boyy..but as always whether its making a complete fool of myself or trying to make her pay attention by singing and making up songs with my lovely voice;) haha We got some smiles! Worked for a while..but she got over it lol so we gave her a break during her wardrobe change and I took on Ethan and Gavin:) Ethan did so well..he really liked it..Gavin not so much..I had to be quick..lol..overall it went so well! Here's a Sneak Peek of my day! :) Thanks Sommar!!
Mr. Ethan :)
I kept telling him he should really consider Modeling..haha
He would laugh and get beat red! lol

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