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♥ Reyna

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lil Ms. DaShay♥

FINALLY! Meet DaShay..she is so stinkin CUTE! After keeping in touch with her mom for over a month we got her 10 month pictures done! :) So her Mom, Valerie, who is super SWEET:) says her husband tells her she has a problem! Apparently she's "obsessed" with taking pictures of her kids! haha so then I realize she takes pictures of them every 3 months! lol Ok maybe I can admit that theres a lil obsession there but if she has a problem then I need to be treated ASAP! haha the luxury of owning equipment like mine is I get to shoot..umm..whenever! So I really honestly feel sorry for my niece & nephew because I am constantly after them with my camera! Worst Auntie-Razzi EVER! haha..ok off track!..So yesterday 06/18/10 we shot DaShay's pictures..poor baby was sick with a cough and a runny nose=[ (hope she feels better!) and was quickly outta the mood to take pictures! Thanks to Mom and again my good moves and voice and cant forget the LifeSaver gummies I brought..(just in case! haha they dont call them that for nothing!) we got lil DaShay going enough to get some shots! yay! :) Her mom didn't have to drive all that way to get to me for nothing! :) We were literally on "DaShay Time"...we would wait around and let her have a break while her mom and I chit-chat..it was such a nice day in Visalia..I really enjoyed myself! This is why I love this hobby of mine so much! :) Val, your awesome! it was nice to get to know you and be able to capture these moments for you:) Thanks a ton! See you and the rest of the bunch soon! :) Hope you enjoy your Sneak Peak..

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