Welcome to My New Blog! I finally decided it was time to create one since I was doing all my publishing off Facebook and not everyone has one so this just made more sense:) After many requests here it is!:) I hope you all visit me often as I will be keeping you updated on all my upcoming shoots from here on out! :) Thanks for visiting!

♥ Reyna

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lexa's Turning 1! :)

For those of you who have been keeping up with taking a look at all my recent shoots you might remember this lil face! :) Idk how you can forget it since she was my first lil BabyKini Model with all those baby rolls! :) Her mom wanted to do a Mini-Session for her Birthday invites that I will be creating as well! :) It was super HOT out that day..im talking triple digits! She did so well when we first sat her down and I spoke too soon when I told her mom that she was doing soo good..because right after I said that she was over it! haha..Im thinking the heat made her sleepy which made her grumpy! But as always..I still managed to get her to chuckle a lil! :) Woo-hoo for my singing and dancing skills ;) lol..Here is a Sneak Peek of Lexa's Mini Birthday Session! :)

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