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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Just For Fun:)

OMG! I feel like its been years since I last blogged! ahh..I was already going through withdrawals! lol jk but it was a very long time! Been so busyyy! So yesterday I went on a little lunch date with my niece and sister-in-law and it was sooo delicious! We left the restaraunt and I really wanted to go look for props so I took them with me (whether they liked it or not)..lol..we got to this Antique shop and we found the CUTEST stuff..omg! loooove that place! Definately going back! They don't take checks or debit and I am just not a cash carrier but I just happen to have some so I bought what I could with the amount that I had..but I WILL be back soon for the rest of the stuff I had my eye on! lol..believe it! So afer getting done with shopping.. I went to go drop off the girls and my niece didn't want to get out of the car..so of course..I asked if she wanted to come & spend the night with me and she nods her head..looks at her mom and says.."Mommy..you stay" hahaha omg! She was already upset I had asked her mom to come to lunch with us! Well anyway we got to my house and I kept looking at the stuff I bought and was just so anxious to give some of it a try! I grabbed the lil chair and a pearl necklace..and took off to the park down the street from my house! :)

We got started and all she wanted to do was go play at the playground..but with a few good bribes..I got her to cooperate for a lil while..she did wonderfully!;) Even in the super hot heat she was still a trooper..She was definately meant to be my niece because this kid is so photogenic! IDK if its just me because she's my niece and that kid is completely flawless to me but she really knows how to work the camera! :) Heres some shots of me and Celeste playing around! :) Love this kid!

My Silly Girl:)

I would Kill for her eyelashes!

and after a days hard work..
Toy Story:)

Looooove Her:)
Seriously cannot get enough.


I ABSOLUTELY LOOOVE MY NEW PROPS! :) These pictures came out beyond FABULOUS if you ask me! :) I CANT wait to use my stuff on my upcoming shoots!:)

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