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♥ Reyna

Friday, June 25, 2010


Meet Nadiya..(Nod-ya) its a silent "i"...(NOT Na-dee-ya)! lol yeah I kept mispronouncing her name through out the shoot until ummm maybe the very last 30 mins haha..mind you that this shoot was 3 hours:) She was so itty bitty and so darn cute! Major baby fever! (sike;]) Her daddy Javier and I have known eachother for years..he is one of the sweetest guys ever and I am so happy he found someone like Adreanna to complete him..she is also super sweet..perfect for eachother and now with this precious gift..they are set! :) Javier contacted me weeks before Nadiya was born giving me the heads up that they wanted me to take her newborn pics so I knew if it meant completely throwing off my schedule to get her pictures done as soon as possible then thats what it was gonna be! :)

Ok so let me begin by saying that I was amazed by how alert/awake she was! So with one week old babies your LUCKY if you get an open eye shot..let alone..eye contact! But lil Nadiya wanted to prove that wrong I suppose! She did not want to sleep! Shoot would have been a lot faster if she wasn't fighting her sleep so much lol..she was quite the lil fighter..but thank goodness her Daddy was there to put her to sleep:) Took a lil while but she did fall asleep so SUCCESS! I mean with newborns you just gotta have those sleeping baby shots! Everything went really well! While Nadiya was being put to sleep we relaxed and caught up..it was really nice..I didnt want them to feel rushed or nervous because baby would sense that and definitely would have never slept! Worked out perfect..she fell sound asleep and we got some great shots! Thanks Javier & Adreanna..you guys are the sweetest people on earth and you were blessed with the sweetest lil angel..Congratulations again and Cant wait until she's big enough to get those family pictures we were talking about done! :) Enjoy your Sneak Peek! ♥

I mean really..shes a week old! How is this possible? She's so ALERT! :)

                           She knows how to work the camera..look at her smirks! LOOOVE!


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