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♥ Reyna

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Wow..what a day! We finally got the chance to take pictures of my lil nieces Sophie & Brooklyn:)
They are my boyfriend Sergio's brother's daughters! They are so stinkin cute..they are fraternal twins but totally look alike! Brianna..their mommy..their Grandma and I along with Sergio..had the best time trying to get these two to smile at the same time;)! haha Man it was tough work! My first time working with twins and I was just the photographer..I was only doing this for a lil bit of the day..I really look up to Brianna for doing this for a living..If one was happy..the other wasn't..and if one cried the other would start crying! OMG..it was crazy! Kudos to you Brianna! That is definitely the hardest job of them all and your doing a fantastic job! Here are a few shots from today! Thanks Brianna!!:)
Totally not feeling the camera..toys are soo much better! lol
Lil Brooklyn:)
Lil Sophia:)

awwh..such pretty lil girls!:)

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  1. Thanks so much for taking such gorgeous pics of my babies!! You're sooo talented Reyna!!!