Welcome to My New Blog! I finally decided it was time to create one since I was doing all my publishing off Facebook and not everyone has one so this just made more sense:) After many requests here it is!:) I hope you all visit me often as I will be keeping you updated on all my upcoming shoots from here on out! :) Thanks for visiting!

♥ Reyna

Monday, September 27, 2010

Expecting-Vanessa & Rene

Vanessa and Rene are expecting a lil boy and I had the honor of being able to photograph their family/maternity photos! :) They were seriously such a sweet couple and Lil Alessandra was so darn cute! Really thinking about hiring her as my lil Assistant;) We would be taking pictures of the two of them and Alessandra would yell at them to smile at the camera! I even gave her the oppurtunity to shoot some herself..I was quite impressed;) Vanessa was such a trooper..I had them walking all over the place and she didn't complain once! (I forget about all that extra weight they are carrying..oops!) They will be naming the lil guy "Jaiden"..Love it..He's expected to arrive really soon..Im so excited for them! They were so patient and so good with Alessandra..I can totally see how lucky lil Jaiden is going to be with parents like the two of them:)..All three were such naturals and the camera LOVED them! I fell in LOVE with all their shots so this post is a little longer than usual but I HAD to! Hope you two enjoy them as much as I did;) Can't wait to meet the lil guy...I wish you tons of luck during his delivery!!! :)

Yep..the Camera looved them:)

I just LOOOVE this..so cute!

Yeah..Almost 9 months and she looks THIS good..gives me hope;) LOL

She loved the "Princess Chair" I brought! :) SCORE!

Yeah this is just TOOOO sweet! Can you tell how happy she is! :)

CANNOT wait to meet this lil man! :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Calib Ryan at Day 8

I am SOO excited to get this post up!! I tried new things with Baby Calib and I got to say I'm mighty proud:) He wasn't really into this whole photo shoot thing but I was determined so it was 5 hours of lots of fun;) I used my new lil set up and new props and well they worked out great! Definate keepers! He was my first to give me more than one accident and the first to take care of his "duty" too but it was soo worth it! haha I am so happy Felicity and Cory gave me the honor of being Calib's first photographer! :) I absolutely LOOOOVE babies and newborn shoots are definately my favorite! You can really get creative with these lil ones and you just gotta hope and pray they just sleep but unlike lil Calib at only day 8 he was so curious and just did NOT care for sleep so we didn't get to do EVERYTHING I had planned but we still got a lot of good shots and I couldn't be happier:)

It is such a pleasure to be able to meet the parents first hand when baby is still in belly and it is even more exciting to know you'll be shooting that lil booger once it enters this crazy world of ours!! That is exactly what I was able to do here with Felicity and Cory's lil one and I am seriously ecstatic!! I hope you guys enjoy these just as much as I do!

Here is Baby Calib still in Momma's Belly:)

And here is Calib at Day 8:)

I love the way he's sucking his lil thumb...everyone..."awwwwhh" :)
Um is this prop PEFECT or what!!?? LOOOVE it!! :)

Calib's Nursery is Lime Green & Checkered..hence the Checkered blanket and my lime green prop went PERFECT!! :)

 Pretty Big for an 8 day old!..look at those hands & feet!
This is a definate collage for every parent..its a MUST and i ♥ it!

Ok so TOTAL BABY FEVER having to photograph and then see this cute lil face for the past week while editing! Awwh...Momma's bring me your newborns..I promise to be really good with them and give you images you will LOVE to last you a lifetime:)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A New Lil Woman-Cassie

Heres a sneak peek to Cassie's Quincenera:) So glad I was able to be of service to such nice people..
Cassie looked so beautiful in her dress and her reception was so well put together and just gorgeous..It was a great day to Celebrate Cassie entering "womanhood"..
Here are a few images of her day..enjoyyy:)
Cassie and Her Beautiful Family:)
Yeah this Cake took the Cake for the most BEAUTIFUL CAKE Ive ever seen!!
YES, those are SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS on the bow!! Rocks my SOCKS! :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Gallery Wraps-New Product

Just wanted to let you guys in on a MUST-HAVE New Product I am now offering...Gallery Wraps! Gallery Wraps are beautiful decor for any home! They look absolutely beautiful and last forever!

What is a Gallery Wrap? It is your image printed on a canvas, the canvas wraps around the sides and is secured to the back of a wooden frame. It is lightweight and is just such a beautiful piece of art! They range in sizes from 8x10 up to 16x48 and the frame is about an inch thick! They are just FABULOUS!

I will be offering the Gallery Wraps at a New Product/Holiday Sale price from now until the rest of 2010. So if your interested in getting yours..Contact me at reynadphotography@yahoo.com or Message me on FB for more info! :)

Here is a visual for you:) This is my fabulous friend Val's wrap! So very thankful she was ok with me using it as my sample:) (luv ya)

This is a 20x30.

I thought I would show you how great it looks along with your own decor! I was only able to set it on my table and give you an idea since I couldn't actually hang it! ;) Althought I wish I would have been able to get a shot of it hung up because it is just GORGEOUS! :)

So get yours NOW while the Price is Right! ;) Perfect Holiday gift!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Leo & Taya Acosta {Married}

Finally! Leo & Taya's Wedding Sneak Peek! :) Well this is a little more than a sneak peek but oh well I wanted to let you all in on this fabulous day:) Leo and Taya were married on September 4th, 2010 at McCarthy Ranch..it was so beautiful and intimate..I loved it..
Taya is really close with one of my really close friends and that is how I was fortunate to be part of this beautiful day..Thanks Val! (iheartu)
Leo and Taya were both really great people and everything just went so smooth...(thank goodness!)
This ranch had a house on the hill where the girls including Taya got all dolled up and Taya made her way down once everyone was seated and ready for her in a white horse carriage..omg..it was beautiful..it was all just so neat..
I enjoyed my day and again I couldn't have done it without the help of my boyfriend who even co-shot for me on this day:)!

haha she snuck the Mascara when everyone was going crazy trying to get ready..they took it away from her and I got this shot..I think it was because she only got to finish one eye! lol how rude! ;)

One deep breath...and its all a reality now..time to get married:)

Her Gorgeous BridesMaids..Maids of Honor:)
Taya and Leo's Daughters are so beautiful!
Here comes the Bride...(in a White Horse Carriage!...probably every girls dream!)
First Kiss♥
Taya with her Maids of Honor:)


First Dance..

The Acosta Family♥