Welcome to My New Blog! I finally decided it was time to create one since I was doing all my publishing off Facebook and not everyone has one so this just made more sense:) After many requests here it is!:) I hope you all visit me often as I will be keeping you updated on all my upcoming shoots from here on out! :) Thanks for visiting!

♥ Reyna

Saturday, May 29, 2010


So I know I SHOULD be asleep because I'm gonna be waking up soon to take off down south! Woo-HOO!!...but I HAD to get these done for one of my Best Friends..Gladys♥..oh how much I love her..I met her in June of 2006 when I moved to this lovely town..lol..and we have been friends since..We were unseperable for a long while but slowly we began to do our own things and get busy but we never lost touch:) She's like a lil sister to me and I care about her so, so much and I miss her more than anything! Well she's all grown up now..she's a Mommy and an Amazing one at that!..she works her butt off to have the best for her lil girl..AND manages to find the time to get her education! Words cannot explain how truly proud I am of her for becoming the responsible independent woman she is today:)
Ms. Cutie Pie Kaitlyn will be 2 soon and she is long past her terrible two stage..lol she entered it a lot earlier haha..She was not in the mood to take pictures (didnt help that her mom picked her up during her daycare nap!lol) but I managed to steal a few chuckles and smiles from her! :) I hope you LOVE these Glad..I love you  a TON Sister and Thanks for ALWAYS being there regardless..Keep up the good work! :)


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Steph&Ricky-Senior Prom '10

Meet Stephanie and Ricky...they've been high school sweethearts and her high school year is now coming to an end..she graduates from Granite Hills High School with high honors (Go Steph!) in June and heads out to Fresno State..They are going on 4 years of dating and just being around them you can feel how serious their love for eachother is..Today was Stephanie's Senior Prom:) She looked GORGEOUS! She has the most stunning eyes and the sweetest personality! Ricky is so laid back and just went with the flow..We had a ton of fun out there..Special thanks to her friend Trina Alba who let us borrow her home for our location..beautiful house:)..While we were shooting Steph says.."I dont know why they say Modeling is so hard..this is easy!" haha and she was right..just a complete natural..Her dress, her shoes, her hair and make-up..just beautiful! (Make-Up & Hair...courtesy of Joanna Cruz @ Pinky's in Porterville..Awesome Job!) Hope you enjoy their Senior Prom shoot as much as I did! :)

This is Love..♥
♥The Princess & The Frog♥
So before we got into the backyard..in the front yard I saw a baby frog and was so amazed by it and instantly I thought of the "Princess & The Frog" especially since we watched it more than once last night with my Niece & Nephew..but I didnt want to weird out Stephanie by telling her to grab it lol..so we headed to the backyard and saw more! and she took it upon herself to grab it and act as if she were gonna kiss it..
just PERFECT! i LOVE this! :)

and my Favorite of miss model..

Stunning..just Stunning:)

Congratulations on Graduating Steph..I hope you had an amazing time at Prom!
Good Luck at Fresno State..smarty pants;)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Lil Rascals♥

So in the mix of having ton to do with work and well work...i ALWAYS make time for my Niece & Nephew! I adore these kids with all my heart! I hung out with them yesterday and today I had scheduled a session but had to be rescheduled last minute so I instantly knew I was heading to my parents' to go see my Lil Rascals! and I had my camera so it was all the much better!:)
Adrian saw me taking it out and was super excited! He was my lil shy guy until he finally came out of his lil shell which for an Auntie-Razzi like me was PERFECT! So today when I absolutely wanted more pictures of them together he was running around the front yard posing in different spots refusing to stand next to Celeste! and then there was Celeste who just never cares for the camera being in her face so it takes a lot for me to get her to actually look & smile..so I thought it be cuter to just take pictures of her eating her donut lol she liked that better too! brat! Well heres a few of the shots I took today..enjoyyy:)

I LOVE Being an Aunt:)

Vargas Wedding ♥ {Sneak Peak}

Wow! So after a crazy long weekend and the start of the work week! Im finally able to publish a few images from the Vargas Wedding:) Only a few because I am still working my butt off to get these done!:)

Congratulations to Rita & Jose!

I just wanted to throw this in and I hope Isaias doesn't get mad at me but I just caught a touching moment here..he had just finished dancing with his Mom (the bride) to "Momma" by BoyzIIMen.
So i HAD to throw this one in too!
Guess who caught the bouquet?!?!?!

Yours Truly;)
(excuse the sweaty face with my hair all on it!..so it was a close friend's brother's wedding..so I got to participate! GO ME! Lets see what happens next;) isnt this suppose to mean something?? HAHA!)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

FIRST POST-Gabby/Class of '10

Wow! I honestly did NOT think that I would be creating a blog this soon:) but I am more than thankful for all the supportive people that have motivated me to finally do this because I honestly did not think I was ready for one..seems so Professional! Well here it is! and I am more than happy to start you all off with my 2nd Senior Shoot!

Meet Gabby! She's a Senior at Granite High School, a Volleyball player and a SUPER sweet girl! We started off our shoot by trying to find our first location..her Coach's house..didnt succeed at first so I found another spot meanwhile we waited for her Coach's call..turned out perfect! Things really happen for a reason:) It was beautiful and I am more than pleased with the way the trees and things look behind Gabby..her outfit was perfect for it..it all was just Perfect! After location 1 we got the phone call and moved on to Coach's house..which was a BEAUTIFUL house! OMG just Gorgeous! We got some amazing shots there as well! Here is her Senior shoot for you to enjoy!:) Im not planning on posting THIS many on all my blogs but I just HAD to this time..Its my first blog..give me a break;)..(I know its a lot..but shes easy on the eyes)..they are all just so beautiful..Gabby is absolutely gorgeous and she really made this SO easy and fun for me!

Congratulations Gabby! I wish you luck from Graduation day on out! ♥