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♥ Reyna

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Class of 2010 Graduate♥Nancy

Today we went out and shot Ms. Nancy's Senior portraits! It was seriously a ton of fun! I had her jump in my car along with her sister and drive around and literally pull over at the sight of a spot and shoot! haha it worked out so well because I was able to choose spots that went Perfect with her wardrobe! :) Nancy graduated from Porterville High School last week! yes..she's a lil procrastinator but hey..better late then Never! Because she would live with that regret for a very, very, long time! I never got the chance to take mine and I wish I would have been able to! :( but its ok because now I am able to experience it Behind The Lens! :) Nancy took my directions SOO well! I would give her a quick demo and she would pick it right up and make it even better! She is definately one that belongs in front of the lens! She is so beautiful and has such a sweet personality! It really did not feel like it was the first time ever meeting her lol..We made a good team! :) I am so glad that she decided to take these after all even after graduating and to take them with me! :) Here's your "Sneak Peek" Nancy! Thanks a bunch and Enjoyyy..

Good Luck in College Nancy..Work Hard and Stay Focused! You will be a Spanish Teacher in NO time!! :)

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