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Monday, June 28, 2010

BOW-dacious (bows by Gabby)

Ok so I'm always looking out for my clients..so this ones for you :)
My cousin-in-law Gabby makes such AWESOME bows..and I believe every one of my past shoots the lil girls have worn such cute bows! So if you are ever on the hunt for the perfect bow I suggest you get ahold of Gabby..these are just a few example of what she has! Just so you can see what she's capable of and then some! You can completely customize your bows to your liking..size, bow material, headband/clippy, button, etc. You name it! If your ever out and see the perfect bow material..buy it! and bring it to Gabby and she'll make you the perfect bow for less! :) Her prices are UNBEATABLE..I Promise...especially for the quality of her work! You will love them! :) Perfect for your next shoot! :)

You can even get your customized bow holder! :)
Contact Gabby on her personal FB:
Joser-Gabby Maduena
or give her a call/text:

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