Welcome to My New Blog! I finally decided it was time to create one since I was doing all my publishing off Facebook and not everyone has one so this just made more sense:) After many requests here it is!:) I hope you all visit me often as I will be keeping you updated on all my upcoming shoots from here on out! :) Thanks for visiting!

♥ Reyna

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lil Ms. DaShay's CaKe SmASH!

WOOOOOOOW! it really has been WAYYYYY too long since I blogged! and its not because I haven't had any shoots to post but just REALLY SUPER BUSY trying to juggle a full time job, giving my boyfriend his much deserved attention:), my lil rascals, Adrian's baseball games, editing, and Shooting! Im outta breath just sitting here THINKING about it! But I have TONS to blog about so Im gonna try my BEST to keep you all who are interested updated! :)

So here it is! Lil Ms. DaShay's First Birthday Cake Smash Shoot! OMG this shoot was SO much fun! I mean aside from the muggy hot weather..it went really well!! ..I was SO happy to see Val (Shays mommy), DaShay & Ariel (her big sister)! I swear this family is becoming very close to my heart..I get sad to think that after beach sessions who knows when will be the next time I see them again:( (they dont live in same town as me) but on the bright side I still have DaShay's Actual Birthday Party to shoot! OMG her mom has the cutest ideas and I cannot wait to be there to take pictures and enjoy my day as well:) Yay!
Ok..totally off subject lol..but I just wanted to note that we had Shay's FABULOUS cake made by "CUTE & CUSTOM CREATIONS" by Sabrina & Steven Herrera! OMG awesome!
Ok..so here's your Sneak Peek Val:) I know I said tomorrow..but you know me! haha Love youuu!

She was wayyy too gentle with this cake..I seriously thought she was going to Demolish it! LOL

LOOOVe her Polka-Dot Bikini! & Special THanks to Bow-Dacious for getting these bows done for me literally the day of! And they matched PERFECTLY! :)

& Her FaBuLoUs Cake! ♥

Sunday, July 11, 2010


These lil girls are close to my heart because they are my cousin, Patty's beautiful twins! :) They're her "TWIX" twins:) They are fraternal twins, Arianae (Aree-a-nay) & Vianae (Vee-a-nay), and I mean the only reason you know they are twins is because they are dressed alike and are the same size otherwise you would have never thought they were even related lol! They look so completely different and are just the complete opposite of one another! But both so darn stikin cute! :) They both did so well and I am very pleased with the results..considering it was like 7pm and still SUPER HOT! I was so afraid the girls were going to be so hot and bothered but everything went great! The lighting was perfect and the girls were happy! I feel at ease now..haha My cousin drove all the way from Lompoc (about a 4 hour drive) to get their pictures taken by yours truly and I didnt want to let her down! We had so many other outfits set up but the shoot had to be cut short due to a lil accident with Ari :( but shes OK! We just had to get outta the heat and take her where she would feel more comfortable..All in all..great shoot..I hope you LOOOVE these Patty and thanks for having faith in me and driving all this way! Hope it was worth it;) Love ya!

Gotta runnn... gotta get ready to take off to my next shoot but I just really wanted to get these up for my cousin ASAP! :) Enjoyyyy...

aawwwh such cuties..loving my new props;)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Just For Fun:)

OMG! I feel like its been years since I last blogged! ahh..I was already going through withdrawals! lol jk but it was a very long time! Been so busyyy! So yesterday I went on a little lunch date with my niece and sister-in-law and it was sooo delicious! We left the restaraunt and I really wanted to go look for props so I took them with me (whether they liked it or not)..lol..we got to this Antique shop and we found the CUTEST stuff..omg! loooove that place! Definately going back! They don't take checks or debit and I am just not a cash carrier but I just happen to have some so I bought what I could with the amount that I had..but I WILL be back soon for the rest of the stuff I had my eye on! lol..believe it! So afer getting done with shopping.. I went to go drop off the girls and my niece didn't want to get out of the car..so of course..I asked if she wanted to come & spend the night with me and she nods her head..looks at her mom and says.."Mommy..you stay" hahaha omg! She was already upset I had asked her mom to come to lunch with us! Well anyway we got to my house and I kept looking at the stuff I bought and was just so anxious to give some of it a try! I grabbed the lil chair and a pearl necklace..and took off to the park down the street from my house! :)

We got started and all she wanted to do was go play at the playground..but with a few good bribes..I got her to cooperate for a lil while..she did wonderfully!;) Even in the super hot heat she was still a trooper..She was definately meant to be my niece because this kid is so photogenic! IDK if its just me because she's my niece and that kid is completely flawless to me but she really knows how to work the camera! :) Heres some shots of me and Celeste playing around! :) Love this kid!

My Silly Girl:)

I would Kill for her eyelashes!

and after a days hard work..
Toy Story:)

Looooove Her:)
Seriously cannot get enough.


I ABSOLUTELY LOOOVE MY NEW PROPS! :) These pictures came out beyond FABULOUS if you ask me! :) I CANT wait to use my stuff on my upcoming shoots!:)