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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Natalie's Beautiful Lil Family

Yesterday I shot my good friend Natalie and her lil stinkers! It was sooo nice to see Natalie again..it had been years..Last time I saw her was when her lil girl was a baby! It was great to see how well her and her family were doing:) She looks amazing and her kids are so adorable!! Lil Jazzy was super shy at first but it didn't take much to make her break out of her shell! All I had to do was go on and on about what a good model she was and show her how good she looks and next thing you know she's coming up with her own lil poses! Lil Julian wasn't as excited to take pictures but he seemed to really like it when I would sing and start smiling like crazy! Maybe I'm in the wrong business? ;) haha It was so nice to catch up with Natalie a bit and meet lil Julian for the first time and see how much Jazzy has grown up! I love that this hobby of mine has given me the opportunity to meet a ton of awesome people and be able to reunite with those great people I already knew! I'm so glad I was able to do this for you Natalie..you are amazingly beautiful and a great mom!..Im happy you are doing so well! :) This better not be the last time I see you in years again! Lunch soon? haha Here's your sneak peek! :)

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