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♥ Reyna

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sister Love♥

Oh Monday..how I hate thee..but Today..not so much;)! haha Thanks to getting to shoot these sweet lil girls after work! I was able to look forward to it all day! :) I was anxious because their Mom, May, has had their outfits ready for a while now and so I knew they were going to be super cute! and I was right!

Meet Aliyza (4) and Elexa (3 next month)...It was so cute because I asked Elexa what her name was and she says "Binks" haha thats her nickname! lol cute right! and so I listened to her call her sister and she calls Aliyza "Ya-Ya"..so next thing I knew is I was calling them by their nicknames the entire shoot! :) They both did so well..Elexa got over it after a few shots but thanks to Auntie Lizz who was superwoman today for bringing all the treats to keep them going..Aliyza did really good..she was really enjoying the modeling thing!  They were both so darn cute! I got some really cute sister moments and this is the stuff that is going to matter most when they grow up and are able to look back at how much they really loved eachother;) later when they are fighting over petty stuff as teenagers..because it is BOUND to happen with two girls so close in age..Sorry May! lol Overall good day..and shoot was short and sweet! :) Thanks May for being such a sweetheart throughout all of this time..pre-shoot and shoot as well! Your awesome and so are your girls! <3 Enjoyyyy..

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