Welcome to My New Blog! I finally decided it was time to create one since I was doing all my publishing off Facebook and not everyone has one so this just made more sense:) After many requests here it is!:) I hope you all visit me often as I will be keeping you updated on all my upcoming shoots from here on out! :) Thanks for visiting!

♥ Reyna

Saturday, May 29, 2010


So I know I SHOULD be asleep because I'm gonna be waking up soon to take off down south! Woo-HOO!!...but I HAD to get these done for one of my Best Friends..Gladys♥..oh how much I love her..I met her in June of 2006 when I moved to this lovely town..lol..and we have been friends since..We were unseperable for a long while but slowly we began to do our own things and get busy but we never lost touch:) She's like a lil sister to me and I care about her so, so much and I miss her more than anything! Well she's all grown up now..she's a Mommy and an Amazing one at that!..she works her butt off to have the best for her lil girl..AND manages to find the time to get her education! Words cannot explain how truly proud I am of her for becoming the responsible independent woman she is today:)
Ms. Cutie Pie Kaitlyn will be 2 soon and she is long past her terrible two stage..lol she entered it a lot earlier haha..She was not in the mood to take pictures (didnt help that her mom picked her up during her daycare nap!lol) but I managed to steal a few chuckles and smiles from her! :) I hope you LOVE these Glad..I love you  a TON Sister and Thanks for ALWAYS being there regardless..Keep up the good work! :)


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