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Monday, September 27, 2010

Expecting-Vanessa & Rene

Vanessa and Rene are expecting a lil boy and I had the honor of being able to photograph their family/maternity photos! :) They were seriously such a sweet couple and Lil Alessandra was so darn cute! Really thinking about hiring her as my lil Assistant;) We would be taking pictures of the two of them and Alessandra would yell at them to smile at the camera! I even gave her the oppurtunity to shoot some herself..I was quite impressed;) Vanessa was such a trooper..I had them walking all over the place and she didn't complain once! (I forget about all that extra weight they are carrying..oops!) They will be naming the lil guy "Jaiden"..Love it..He's expected to arrive really soon..Im so excited for them! They were so patient and so good with Alessandra..I can totally see how lucky lil Jaiden is going to be with parents like the two of them:)..All three were such naturals and the camera LOVED them! I fell in LOVE with all their shots so this post is a little longer than usual but I HAD to! Hope you two enjoy them as much as I did;) Can't wait to meet the lil guy...I wish you tons of luck during his delivery!!! :)

Yep..the Camera looved them:)

I just LOOOVE this..so cute!

Yeah..Almost 9 months and she looks THIS good..gives me hope;) LOL

She loved the "Princess Chair" I brought! :) SCORE!

Yeah this is just TOOOO sweet! Can you tell how happy she is! :)

CANNOT wait to meet this lil man! :)

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  1. Love Love L.O.V.E!! My sister & her lil family's Pictures came out Awesome great job ;-)

    <3 Cecilia Rangel