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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

One Year Young-Izaiah:)

Saturday morning before my evening Wedding I met up with Lil Izaiah and his fan club:) Mom, Grandma, Dad and Uncle! We had tons of fun out there and it was all well thought out by Grandma:) I provided the location and Grandma brought all the props! You can really just see how much this lil boy was loved just by all the attention that was being given to him in the few hours I spent with them..He's the only grandchild so you can only imagine how spoiled he is!:) We had him take a number of shots before we actually did his Cake Smash that was planned because they figured he would be getting dirty..We got some really great shots and then he was over it..typical thing for a one year old! haha We decided it was finally time for his Cake Smash and Grandma wanted him in his "birthday suit" and boy was she smart! We figured he would get dirty but WOW he really was a MESS! I LOVED IT! This was exactly what I want from every one year old! He really set the bar on this one!! :) Hope you all enjoy Izaiah's First Birthday Shoot/Cake Smash!! :) Lisa this ones for you;) Thank you!

I LOVE THIS! haha "ready for my snapshot!"

Probably the best one year old poser..future model maybe? haha
He's like a Lil Man..so ADORABLE with his hat and Jordans! I love it!
NOW THIS WHAT YOU CALL A CAKE SMASH!! :) Yes he is SITTING on his cake! lol
It's his Birthday shoot..he can cry if he wants to!
(I HAD TO! He threw the cutest tantrums! lol)

Up next..
Acosta Wedding:)

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