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Friday, September 24, 2010

Calib Ryan at Day 8

I am SOO excited to get this post up!! I tried new things with Baby Calib and I got to say I'm mighty proud:) He wasn't really into this whole photo shoot thing but I was determined so it was 5 hours of lots of fun;) I used my new lil set up and new props and well they worked out great! Definate keepers! He was my first to give me more than one accident and the first to take care of his "duty" too but it was soo worth it! haha I am so happy Felicity and Cory gave me the honor of being Calib's first photographer! :) I absolutely LOOOOVE babies and newborn shoots are definately my favorite! You can really get creative with these lil ones and you just gotta hope and pray they just sleep but unlike lil Calib at only day 8 he was so curious and just did NOT care for sleep so we didn't get to do EVERYTHING I had planned but we still got a lot of good shots and I couldn't be happier:)

It is such a pleasure to be able to meet the parents first hand when baby is still in belly and it is even more exciting to know you'll be shooting that lil booger once it enters this crazy world of ours!! That is exactly what I was able to do here with Felicity and Cory's lil one and I am seriously ecstatic!! I hope you guys enjoy these just as much as I do!

Here is Baby Calib still in Momma's Belly:)

And here is Calib at Day 8:)

I love the way he's sucking his lil thumb...everyone..."awwwwhh" :)
Um is this prop PEFECT or what!!?? LOOOVE it!! :)

Calib's Nursery is Lime Green & Checkered..hence the Checkered blanket and my lime green prop went PERFECT!! :)

 Pretty Big for an 8 day old!..look at those hands & feet!
This is a definate collage for every parent..its a MUST and i ♥ it!

Ok so TOTAL BABY FEVER having to photograph and then see this cute lil face for the past week while editing! Awwh...Momma's bring me your newborns..I promise to be really good with them and give you images you will LOVE to last you a lifetime:)

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