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Friday, September 3, 2010

Beach Session- Beautiful Lil Family

I met Gina for the first time at my best friend's birthday get together and we instantly hit it off! She was tons of fun and such a sweet girl! I hoped she would ask for me to take pictures of her lil family one day especially because her son Tristan is so dang cute and she finally did;) She was one of the first to contact me about beach sessions and I was super excited! I mean just look below..how can you possibly go wrong? Tristan wasn't in picture taking mode (cant blame him..your at the BEACH..who wants to take pictures?!) but we got the shots that mattered and well the candid's were easy..he was really happy to be at the beach so it was easy to capture that:) Thanks a bunch for coming along Gina..your family is so gorgeous..it was a pleasure ;)!! Everyone..Meet Gina, Tom and Tristan:)...enjoyyy...

I know I already posted something with this type of pose but they were both awesome..i HAD to post both!:)
Yes I did make them have their "moment"..were at the beach what did you expect?!...LOVE IT! :)
This one wasn't at all posed or planned..We were walking closer to the water and I caught this and i LOVED it:)

Hope you loved them Gina!

up next...
Mr. Levi ..
(finally right?)

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