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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Leo & Taya Acosta {Married}

Finally! Leo & Taya's Wedding Sneak Peek! :) Well this is a little more than a sneak peek but oh well I wanted to let you all in on this fabulous day:) Leo and Taya were married on September 4th, 2010 at McCarthy Ranch..it was so beautiful and intimate..I loved it..
Taya is really close with one of my really close friends and that is how I was fortunate to be part of this beautiful day..Thanks Val! (iheartu)
Leo and Taya were both really great people and everything just went so smooth...(thank goodness!)
This ranch had a house on the hill where the girls including Taya got all dolled up and Taya made her way down once everyone was seated and ready for her in a white horse carriage..omg..it was beautiful..it was all just so neat..
I enjoyed my day and again I couldn't have done it without the help of my boyfriend who even co-shot for me on this day:)!

haha she snuck the Mascara when everyone was going crazy trying to get ready..they took it away from her and I got this shot..I think it was because she only got to finish one eye! lol how rude! ;)

One deep breath...and its all a reality now..time to get married:)

Her Gorgeous BridesMaids..Maids of Honor:)
Taya and Leo's Daughters are so beautiful!
Here comes the Bride...(in a White Horse Carriage!...probably every girls dream!)
First Kiss♥
Taya with her Maids of Honor:)


First Dance..

The Acosta Family♥

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