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Monday, September 6, 2010

Beach Session-Levi/Class of '11

I was SUPER excited when Levi's older sister Christel got ahold of me for Beach sessions and let me know that I would be doing Levi's SENIOR pictures! Ohmygoodness! I think I was mostly in shock to learn that Lil Levi was a SENIOR! Before moving to Porterville, I lived down south in a city named Lompoc:) I went to LHS and was really close to his older brother and sister, Tyler and Christel (who are twins) at a point and that's how I knew Levi..he was this cute lil tiny boy! Now he's all "growed" up and taller than me! just nuts! It was crazy to see how much hes grown..time really does fly!! But I was excited to see their whole family again and get things going! :) He did so good! I was suprised how easy it was..he was my First Senior BOY and I expected to work really hard..because naturally girls are better posers;) but nope..piece of cake! I figured since girls usually worry more about how they look and have to do touch ups here and there...than a boy would be done in like NO time..lol but to my suprise he was the FIRST to bring along a mirror and all the necessities to fix his hair and what not! LOL! but it was SO much fun and Im so happy they drove all the way to Pismo for me:) yay! So Meet Levi..Mr. Stud Muffin;)....enjoyyy...

Looove the Sunflare! :)
This was just a little vision of mine that came to life! i love it! :)
but i just loooove this so I had to give you guys the large version..looks like a total Sports Magazine Ad!

and there it is! All my Beach sessions for 2010! Can't wait to do this again next year! :)
Thanks to EVERYONE who came out and had faith in me! My first beach sessions and I have to say Im really proud of myself..it was HARD work! Thanks to my Boyfriend Sergio for all his help..Couldn't have stuck it out without him! I had tons of fun..learned a lot.. and Im looking forward for next year! :)
Thank YOU!! :)

up next..
Lil Izaiah's 1st Birthday Session!

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