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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Savanna {Senior-Class of '11}

Here is Part 2 of my Senior Cousins Shoot..Meet Savanna (really hard getting used to spelling that name without an "H"!)
Such a sweet girl...this whole picture taking thing was definitely not her "thing" but she did great! :) I was so proud of her keeping up! These girls were so fun to photograph..if one was taking pictures..most the time the other would be behind me acting silly so it worked out great for me because the real, genuine smiles came out..I should start booking two at a time from now on! ;) lol After a few locations and few changes.. Savanna warmed up to the camera and she did awesome..I mean really..look at my first image.."AWESOMENESS":) Enjoy...

and one of them together:)..awwh Cousins..
makes me wish I would have been able to do something like this with all my cousins who graduated in '06! :(
and in case you hadn't already noticed..
Savanna is from Strathmore High and Anissa from Porterville High School:)

Good Luck with the rest of your Senior year Girls! :)

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