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♥ Reyna

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Adrian {4 Months Old}

I got to spend time with this adorable lil guy, Adrian at 4 months old and he is soooooo stinkin' cute! OMG! his big hazel eyes are too die for and those cheeks are irresistible! He was such a good sport and made things so easy and smooth:) I love babies like this;) haha Think this is the first baby who I didn't even get to hear what his cry sounded like! whoa! lol He was totally enjoying the outdoors:) His parents were such good help and the shoot didn't even last an hour! that's a first for a baby! Thanks so much Maribel for giving me the pleasure of letting me capture your lil guy..he is simply perfect..your truly blessed;)

look at those eyes!! haha and his lil chuckle:) 

 And after having him sit here for a lil while he gave us this lil pout and I caught it on camera..OMG sweetest lil thing ever..how could they ever resist that face!!! SOOO ADORABLE:)

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