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♥ Reyna

Friday, November 12, 2010

Ana & Pedro {Engaged}

Ana & Pedro were the SWEETEST couple ever! Honestly you can seriously feel and see the love between these two! They are getting married THIS month! Isn't that exciting?!!? Ahh!! Their shoot was TONS of fun! They were such good models and it really hasn't much work to pose them because it just came so naturally to them:) I know this is A LOT more than you are use to me posting but I couldn't keep these to myself! I had to show them off! :) Congratulations Ana & Pedro..you two are such an amazing pair and I wish you two the best from here on out:)

Enjoyyyy Ya'll... :)

And they're off.. to a Happy Marriage;)


  1. These are cso cute!! makes me want to go and get married lol!!

  2. These are so AMMMMAZING love the Train pictures!!! keep it going!