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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sarai is going to be 5!

Wow its times like this that really shock me as to how fast time really flies! Lil Miss Sarai is going to be 5! When I met Sarai she was a lil over ONE! omg thats nuts! Now shes all grown up..& such a smart lil girl too! She blossomed into this beautiful lil girl that I adore..
She was such a good sport during her shoot..it was SUPER hot out but worse than that it was totally muggy..muggy meaning sticky and just gross..but that didn't bother her..she was Miss Super Model for the day! But like it seems all shoots..she got over it after a while! lol Glad her momma Brianna, was doing such a good job of buttering her up and making her cooperate!
Gotta love a lil girl in a tutu..every mom wants this kind of shoot for their lil girls and I am so lucky to be able to capture it for each and everyone of them! :) but Sarai changed it up a bit! Like probably EVERY lil girl she LOOOOOVES Justin Bieber! haha so stikin cute! so we did her lil Biever Fever shots! :) Looove haha I should submit these to his fan page or something! :) I had so much fun hanging out with Lil Sarai and Brianna..Thanks a bunch for having faith in me Bri! Love you guys! :)
She's Breathtaking..just seriously beautiful..i really feel bad for dad! ;)


Just Stunning..:)

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  1. I've said it a hundred times..but you're AMAZING! Such a natural talent. Thanks soo much!