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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Awaiting Calib:)

This post is LONG over due! I have been swamped but am working VERY hard to catch up! It's already 11:30pm but I just had to get this up for Felicity & Cory! They have been waiting so patiently for their sneak peek! Tomorrow I have Lil Ms. DaShay's 1st Birthday to shoot so this HAD to come up tonight! :)

Meet the McDonald Family:)
They were a complete pleasure to work with! I mean really they are like such cool people! They are expecting Baby Calib:) He is due to arrive in September!
In the beginning NIETHER of them wanted to smile! lol "Were not smilers"..umm do you realize who your photographer is?!? I dont do serious! haha so I had to do what I had to do to see some whites! And I did wonderfully.. if you ask me;) Their shoot went so well and I had tons of fun! Thanks so much for having faith in me Felicity..and referring me to friends when you hadn't even experienced me or my work! I hope you just love these! I cannot wait to meet Baby Calib!:)

And She didn't wanna smile! You look gorgeous Felicity!
She has the biggest belly ive worked with and she is so tiny..looked like she swallowed a watermelon! lol

Isnt this so sweet? :)

So this was a special request from Cory..I know how you had your vision of this shot so Im really nervous for you to see the final product but I tried very hard;)

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  1. Beautiful work ... Keep it up cuz!
    tony espinoza/vegas