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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Baby Adrien:)

So I had the pleasure of capturing tiny lil Baby Adrien at only 6 days old:) And might I add that he was my first BOY newborn and too stikin adorable!!! Babies are slowly becoming my favorite to photograph..its nice when you don't have to run after them or think of a good bribe (lol) but just sit and wait for them to be ready and just sleep:) Don't get me wrong..the ones who can walk and run away are still fun but its nice to just relax a bit with the newborns;) Although baby Adrien being only 6 days old would NOT sleep! He was so alert and just wanted to be awake! Omg his poor mom was so exhausted after only having him 6 days ago and had to work really hard to try to get him to sleep! But we succeeded after a good hour and we got some great shots! yay!
So without further ado..Everyone Meet Adrien...


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