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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lil Ms. DaShay's CaKe SmASH!

WOOOOOOOW! it really has been WAYYYYY too long since I blogged! and its not because I haven't had any shoots to post but just REALLY SUPER BUSY trying to juggle a full time job, giving my boyfriend his much deserved attention:), my lil rascals, Adrian's baseball games, editing, and Shooting! Im outta breath just sitting here THINKING about it! But I have TONS to blog about so Im gonna try my BEST to keep you all who are interested updated! :)

So here it is! Lil Ms. DaShay's First Birthday Cake Smash Shoot! OMG this shoot was SO much fun! I mean aside from the muggy hot weather..it went really well!! ..I was SO happy to see Val (Shays mommy), DaShay & Ariel (her big sister)! I swear this family is becoming very close to my heart..I get sad to think that after beach sessions who knows when will be the next time I see them again:( (they dont live in same town as me) but on the bright side I still have DaShay's Actual Birthday Party to shoot! OMG her mom has the cutest ideas and I cannot wait to be there to take pictures and enjoy my day as well:) Yay!
Ok..totally off subject lol..but I just wanted to note that we had Shay's FABULOUS cake made by "CUTE & CUSTOM CREATIONS" by Sabrina & Steven Herrera! OMG awesome!
Ok..so here's your Sneak Peek Val:) I know I said tomorrow..but you know me! haha Love youuu!

She was wayyy too gentle with this cake..I seriously thought she was going to Demolish it! LOL

LOOOVe her Polka-Dot Bikini! & Special THanks to Bow-Dacious for getting these bows done for me literally the day of! And they matched PERFECTLY! :)

& Her FaBuLoUs Cake! ♥

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  1. Your pictures are beautiful! Great job