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♥ Reyna

Thursday, October 7, 2010

HaLLoWeeN MiNi SnEaK PeEkS!!!!!

      Ms. Cheerleader Kiley Nicole

Swear this kid is SO photogenic!!!

and YES..we HAD to get the bestie's only child her own shoot too! :)

Lady Bug Binks  & Bumble Bee Ya-Ya!

My Darling Nephew! Mr. Batman Adrian!

Snow White Aniya & Minnie Mouse Sienna :)

Lil Skeleton Man Isaac!

The Beautiful Goddess Ari :)

Gorgeous Lil Belle Maddi

& i HAD to get this shot..she was holding her dress up like such a big girl..so CUTE! :)

The Prettiest Lil Flower Jazlynn

Only had 30 mins and somehow managed to fall sound asleep..can you tell she was comfy?! :)

The Frankensteins!

Lil Noah and his scary face! :)

Yeah she was great in EVERY shot..Total Model! :)

Mr. Pirate Gabriel


Brotherly LOOOVE
Emilio & Niko:)

Cutest Lil Frog Ive seen! ;)

Lil Devil Maddison

Don't let this pretty face deceive you! :)

Had to show off her Devil tail!! :)

Just wanted to take a minute to THANK EVERYONE for coming out to my FIRST Halloween Mini Sessions..it was SO much fun and I hope this makes everyone anxious for NEXT years sessions ;) cuz i already CANT wait!! :)
Also wanted to Thank everyone who contributed to this whole craziness..
Sergio..you worked so hard and I appreciate everything!
Shande'..So glad you were able to be there..couldn't have done it without you..literally from the beginning you gave me the push i needed to just KNOW i can do this! ♥
Val..your motivation and support kept me going..We WILL get your pictures done and they will but JUST as cute! :)
Sergios Buddies (you know who you all are..you too Fortino)..Thanks for all your help with those hay bales! Those things are NOT light you guys are awesome! :)

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