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♥ Reyna

Sunday, July 11, 2010


These lil girls are close to my heart because they are my cousin, Patty's beautiful twins! :) They're her "TWIX" twins:) They are fraternal twins, Arianae (Aree-a-nay) & Vianae (Vee-a-nay), and I mean the only reason you know they are twins is because they are dressed alike and are the same size otherwise you would have never thought they were even related lol! They look so completely different and are just the complete opposite of one another! But both so darn stikin cute! :) They both did so well and I am very pleased with the results..considering it was like 7pm and still SUPER HOT! I was so afraid the girls were going to be so hot and bothered but everything went great! The lighting was perfect and the girls were happy! I feel at ease now..haha My cousin drove all the way from Lompoc (about a 4 hour drive) to get their pictures taken by yours truly and I didnt want to let her down! We had so many other outfits set up but the shoot had to be cut short due to a lil accident with Ari :( but shes OK! We just had to get outta the heat and take her where she would feel more comfortable..All in all..great shoot..I hope you LOOOVE these Patty and thanks for having faith in me and driving all this way! Hope it was worth it;) Love ya!

Gotta runnn... gotta get ready to take off to my next shoot but I just really wanted to get these up for my cousin ASAP! :) Enjoyyyy...

aawwwh such cuties..loving my new props;)

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