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♥ Reyna

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Lil Rascals♥

So in the mix of having ton to do with work and well work...i ALWAYS make time for my Niece & Nephew! I adore these kids with all my heart! I hung out with them yesterday and today I had scheduled a session but had to be rescheduled last minute so I instantly knew I was heading to my parents' to go see my Lil Rascals! and I had my camera so it was all the much better!:)
Adrian saw me taking it out and was super excited! He was my lil shy guy until he finally came out of his lil shell which for an Auntie-Razzi like me was PERFECT! So today when I absolutely wanted more pictures of them together he was running around the front yard posing in different spots refusing to stand next to Celeste! and then there was Celeste who just never cares for the camera being in her face so it takes a lot for me to get her to actually look & smile..so I thought it be cuter to just take pictures of her eating her donut lol she liked that better too! brat! Well heres a few of the shots I took today..enjoyyy:)

I LOVE Being an Aunt:)

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