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♥ Reyna

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Steph&Ricky-Senior Prom '10

Meet Stephanie and Ricky...they've been high school sweethearts and her high school year is now coming to an end..she graduates from Granite Hills High School with high honors (Go Steph!) in June and heads out to Fresno State..They are going on 4 years of dating and just being around them you can feel how serious their love for eachother is..Today was Stephanie's Senior Prom:) She looked GORGEOUS! She has the most stunning eyes and the sweetest personality! Ricky is so laid back and just went with the flow..We had a ton of fun out there..Special thanks to her friend Trina Alba who let us borrow her home for our location..beautiful house:)..While we were shooting Steph says.."I dont know why they say Modeling is so hard..this is easy!" haha and she was right..just a complete natural..Her dress, her shoes, her hair and make-up..just beautiful! (Make-Up & Hair...courtesy of Joanna Cruz @ Pinky's in Porterville..Awesome Job!) Hope you enjoy their Senior Prom shoot as much as I did! :)

This is Love..♥
♥The Princess & The Frog♥
So before we got into the backyard..in the front yard I saw a baby frog and was so amazed by it and instantly I thought of the "Princess & The Frog" especially since we watched it more than once last night with my Niece & Nephew..but I didnt want to weird out Stephanie by telling her to grab it lol..so we headed to the backyard and saw more! and she took it upon herself to grab it and act as if she were gonna kiss it..
just PERFECT! i LOVE this! :)

and my Favorite of miss model..

Stunning..just Stunning:)

Congratulations on Graduating Steph..I hope you had an amazing time at Prom!
Good Luck at Fresno State..smarty pants;)

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